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The Atlantic Council supports the efforts of the Government of the Republic of Moldova in implementing the country’s reform program

The Atlantic Council supports the efforts of the Government of the Republic of Moldova in implementing the country’s reform program
March 2nd, Chişinău – The extension of the bilateral dialogue between the Republic of Moldova, through the accomplishment of common projects for the ensuring of the regional stability, the reform implementation process in our country, as well as  the launching of bilateral programs of cooperation, have been discussed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Tudor Ulianovschi and the representatives of the Atlantic Council – Vice President Damon Wilson, Michael Carpenter, Ambassadors Alexander Vershbow and Asif J. Chaudhry.  

Minister Tudor Ulianovschi has mentioned the existence of an efficient dialogue between the Moldovan authorities and the Atlantic Council, jointly identifying a large range of sectorial cooperation directions in the fields of security, economy, justice, as all as the possibility of enhancing the visibility of the positive evolutions registered by the Republic of Moldova at a regional and international level. The Minister of Foreign Affairs outlined that “Thanks to this cooperation, the Republic of Moldova has benefited from the support of  the Atlantic Council, both in the outlining of a positive image in the international transatlantic community and in the process of reform strategies implementation in fields of major importance for our country”.

Tudor Ulianovschi specified that the accession to the European Union and taking over the best of the European practices, remain the main objectives of the foreign policy. The head of Moldovan diplomacy mentioned that “We will intensify the efforts into nearing the perspective of our country’s European integration, based on some concrete and coherent approaches, that would correspond to the expectations of our citizens and European partners”.

The Executive Vice President of the Atlantic Council, Damon Wilson has appreciated the recent positive evolutions in the Republic of Moldova, mentioning the Government’s determination to implement essential reforms in the social, economic and political fields. Damon Wilson said that ”The Atlantic Council will continue to support the efforts of the Government of the Republic of Moldova in the process of implementing the country’s reform program, being open to offer the necessary expertise in all the dimensions”.

The representatives of the Atlantic Council have appreciated the steps taken by the authorities from Chișinău, along with other states, to create a viable regional security system, that would allow the sustainable development of all the countries in the region. According to the Atlantic Council representatives, the Interparliamentary conference “Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine: Eastern Partnership and current security challenges” is a first step in this respective direction, having the possibility of becoming an attractive platform for participation for other major actors in the region and the world.



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