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Council Conclusions on Moldova

Presidency conclusions – European Council (Brussels, 15 and 16 October 2008)

Presidency conclusions – European Council

(Brussels, 15 and 16 October 2008)

  • …The European Council notes with satisfaction that Russian troops have withdrawn from the zones adjacent to South Ossetia and Abkhazia as an essential additional step in the implementation of the agreements of 12 August and 8 September, as well as the launching in Geneva of the international discussions provided for by those agreements. The European Council is asking the Commission and the Council to continue a full in-depth evaluation of EU—Russia relations with a view to the forthcoming summit, scheduled to take place in Nice on 14 November. It will be taken into account in the further negotiations for a new Partnership Agreement with Russia.
  • The European Union is resolved, in particular through its neighbourhood policy, to continue supporting its eastern neighbours in their efforts to achieve economic modernisation and democratisation. The European Council stresses in this respect the importance of the outcome of the EU—Ukraine Summit in Paris and calls for relations between the Union and the Republic of Moldova and Georgia to be strengthened in accordance with the Council conclusions of 13 October. It is instructing the Council to conduct an initial examination of the proposals for a future "Eastern Partnership" of the European Union which the Commission ntends to submit in November…
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Concursuri de Privatizare

La 26 octombrie curent au fost publicate comunicatele informative ale Agenţiei Proprietăţii Publice a Republicii Moldova, privind expunerea la privatizare a bunurilor proprietate de stat, în perioada octombrie-decembrie 2012. Comunicatele cu privire la desfăşurarea concursurilor de privatizare pot fi accesate pe pagina web a Agenţiei - www.app.gov.md.

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Informaţii privind Autorizaţiile pentru exportul/importul produselor agroalimentare în regim preferenţial

H O T Ă R Î R E cu privire la aprobarea modului de repartizare a mijloacelor fondului de subvenţionare a producătorilor agricoli pentru anul 2013